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Week 10: Installing ESC's

Around the middle of the week the new parts came in. This week we decided to install the ESC's first due to their lengthy installing period. Thankfully during this process we ran into no problems and found cool ways to mount them on the structure.

Week 10: Ordering New and Proper Parts

This week are going to make a list and order the correct parts for the drone to function at its full potential. Mr. Martin has asked us to make a list of everything we need to get this drone done correctly so we put together a document with all of that information.

Week 9: We Don't have all the Parts

After analyzing and touching up tiny portions of the quad we figured out we don't have all the parts for it to work properly. We are missing four ESC's, a flight controller, a transmitter, a receiver, and a proper power distribution board.

Week 9: Starting the Quad

This week are going to start the quad. The quad is a drone that got donated to us around 2 years ago. We already have a frame for it and will check for other parts during the week. our plan is to get this quad flying by the end of the year. It also has a gimbal attachment which can be used as a stabilizer for a fancy camera.

Week 8: Problem Solving

This week we are going to try and problem solve. We are coming up with new ideas on how to get the drone in the air. Mr. Martin has also just ordered new parts so those might help get the drone in the air. At this point we have determined we just don't have enough power for the drone to take off.

Week 8: We got it flying!!

After about 1000 attempts of trying to get off the ground with something fixed each time we had the idea to change to smaller props because of how big the first ones were and how much the motors were struggling. The new props were tiny so we didn't thing they would have a chance but we found out they had plenty of lift when matt finally got it in the air.

Week 7: Completing and testing the Hexa Copter

Today we finished putting together the HexaCopter. We also tested flying it but didn't get too far. We are in the process of trouble shooting it now. We are not sure if we have too much weight or not enough power. Hopefully we can figure out the problem soon.

Week 7: Finishing the Hexacopter and starting the Quad.

Today we are going to try something new. We recently have had 2 main issues the first one is that the hexacopter doesnt have enough power. We have access to a 5 cell battery which would be an improvement over the 4 cell battery we currently have but the ESCs would probly catch on fire if we hooked up a 5 cell to it. The solution to that is to get new ESCs. The second problem we are having is it appears that the HEXA seems to be a little wonky on stabilizing itself while on the ground but also could because all the motors where at full throttle and would likely stabilize itself while in the air.