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Week 14 - Finished

We are done with our project. Our goal was to get as many drones flying as we could. We ended up getting 2 AR2.0s flying and the quad. I think we could have got more don't if we didn't spend so much time on the hexacopter but at least we got it all put together. We also got the taranis transmitter set up so we could use it on most of the drones we build here. These are pictures of the completed taranis and quad.

Week 14 - Giving up on the Hexa

The hexa copter has been an on and off project for a few years now. A few different people have tried to get it working but it seems to be cursed. We tried tackling the problem but ended up with the same outcome. We actually got it flying pretty well but it would do a flip out of nowhere every few minutes. We figured the problem was the old spektrum setup we were using and figured switching to the brand new taranis would fix it. After switching to taranis the hexa wouldn't even budge, at this point we were out of time and came to the conclusion it was cursed.
These are pictures of the completed quad.


Today we dialed in the quad with gps with a quick trip to home depot to get some super glue to tighten her down. after we got the quad flying with it and tested it with some wind. Even with a slight wind the quad kept its place in the air and performed beautifully. WITHOUT CRASHING... For once.

Week 13: Flying Niceeeeeee

Today we got it flying almost perfectly after we changed the setting and props it flew near perfectly and all we have to do now is mount the gps antenna to get it to 100%. Also today we attemoted to trouble shoot the landing gear but soon found out that the NAZA isnt capible of having a servo output.

Week 12: We fix what we thing is wrong with the quad

After the bad flight attempt we brainstormed what we think was wrong with it. Matt figured it was the rates because such a small input would move the quad drastically. I thought it was the props because the current ones were very flexible and small and werent the right kind for our low KV motors. We fix both issues but run out of time to test it.

Week 12: First attempt at flight fails

We got everything set up with the quad and taranis and attempted for the first flight. The quad got off the groung but was very wobbly and unstable. It just wasn't safe and felt like it could crash at any time. Although we were happy it got off the ground we needed it to be perfect.

Week 11: Taranis Setup

We just got the brand new taranis and have to go through the process of setting it up. Setting it up requires creating the aircraft file in the controller and putting the proper output setting. We then have to bind it to the receiver and go into the NAZA program on the computer and set an arm switch and make sure all of the outputs are registering in it and not reversed.

Week 11: Naza Install

This week we are starting to install the naza since we got all of the escs soldered up. we have to plug in all of the ESCs to the naza and program it on the computer which is the hardest part.

Week 10: Installing ESC's

Around the middle of the week the new parts came in. This week we decided to install the ESC's first due to their lengthy installing period. Thankfully during this process we ran into no problems and found cool ways to mount them on the structure.

Week 10: Ordering New and Proper Parts

This week are going to make a list and order the correct parts for the drone to function at its full potential. Mr. Martin has asked us to make a list of everything we need to get this drone done correctly so we put together a document with all of that information.

Week 9: We Don't have all the Parts

After analyzing and touching up tiny portions of the quad we figured out we don't have all the parts for it to work properly. We are missing four ESC's, a flight controller, a transmitter, a receiver, and a proper power distribution board.

Week 9: Starting the Quad

This week are going to start the quad. The quad is a drone that got donated to us around 2 years ago. We already have a frame for it and will check for other parts during the week. our plan is to get this quad flying by the end of the year. It also has a gimbal attachment which can be used as a stabilizer for a fancy camera.

Week 8: Problem Solving

This week we are going to try and problem solve. We are coming up with new ideas on how to get the drone in the air. Mr. Martin has also just ordered new parts so those might help get the drone in the air. At this point we have determined we just don't have enough power for the drone to take off.

Week 8: We got it flying!!

After about 1000 attempts of trying to get off the ground with something fixed each time we had the idea to change to smaller props because of how big the first ones were and how much the motors were struggling. The new props were tiny so we didn't thing they would have a chance but we found out they had plenty of lift when matt finally got it in the air.

Week 7: Completing and testing the Hexa Copter

Today we finished putting together the HexaCopter. We also tested flying it but didn't get too far. We are in the process of trouble shooting it now. We are not sure if we have too much weight or not enough power. Hopefully we can figure out the problem soon.

Week 7: Finishing the Hexacopter and starting the Quad.

Today we are going to try something new. We recently have had 2 main issues the first one is that the hexacopter doesnt have enough power. We have access to a 5 cell battery which would be an improvement over the 4 cell battery we currently have but the ESCs would probly catch on fire if we hooked up a 5 cell to it. The solution to that is to get new ESCs. The second problem we are having is it appears that the HEXA seems to be a little wonky on stabilizing itself while on the ground but also could because all the motors where at full throttle and would likely stabilize itself while in the air.

Week - 6 trying to fly the hexa

We got the props spinning and the hexa looks like it can fly. When you go full throttle the hexa does not have enough lift to get off the ground. The hexa also looks very off balance and a few inputs are reversed.

Week - 6 working on the hexa

The old ESCs we have will not support high voltage batteries which we thing we need. So we ordered new ESCs and hopefully they will come in by the end of the week. After the new ESCs we will be able to run 5 or 6 cell batteries which the hexa needs since it has 5 motors.

Week Two

This week we re- soldered all of the wires going to the flight controller, mounted props, and set up the arm switch on the controller.

Week: 1 - Timeline

Timeline Week 1: Get AR 2.0 flying Week 2: diagnose/start hexacopter  Week 3: Continue working on hexacopter Week 4: Have hexacopter flying perfectly Week 5: Start working on new quad copter Week 6: Continue working on quad copter Week 7: Have quad flying perfectly Week 8: Start working on 3DR  Week 9: Continue working on 3DR Week 10: Have 3DR working perfectly Week 11: Test all the drones make sure they are all working properly Week 12: Flying everything for fun

Week: 1

Today we looked at the AR 2.0s and got one of them flying. We are going to salvage a camera off of one that doesn't fly and put it on one that flys.