My name is Tyler and i'm a junior at south plantation high school. I have been in Mr. Martins engineering program since I started high school and this is my favorite class. I enjoy vex robotics so far and i'm looking forward to building them.

Jared Moselle is a senior at South Plantation High School. He has been in the engineering program for four years and is very interested in it. He likes to light stuff on fire and see what happens. Most of the time he ends up catching on fire and has to STOP, DROP, AND ROLL so he won't die. WEEEEWOOOO!!!

Sup... I'm Matt also a sénior in high school. I've been in the engineering program for 4 years. I race and build drones, and ride jet skis in my free time. I also play lacrosse for the school. I hope to get into college and if I get there I'll decide what degree I want. But all I know is that I want to have a career in law enforcement.


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